Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Windham Works

The weekend past was spent at the Catskill Mountain Town of Windham NY for the annual Civil War music and art festival. This festival is a great time, attracting some of the biggest names in Civil War music and art working today. The gathering as it is fondly called brings together the likes of authors, filmmakers, musicians, researchers, artists all very pleased to share their works with each other and the public. I was able to take a break from the event and do some oil sketching near the town and captured these two views.The Catskills loom large here and the elevation makes for some striking August sunsets.I feel like I got a taste of something here but would like to return and pursue the large land masses and the light effects the area provides.I have spent countless days in the trout streams of the western part of the range but sense a whole different effect at Windham. "Sunset at Windham" on a 6x8 panel describes the strong light but fast fleeting to say the least. The following "last light" is a quick sketch before total darkness perhaps 20 min.total. I believe I will revisit these works in the near future to see where they may be taken.

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  1. Kevin, Your descriptions are well written, and as you know, the Catskills hold a special place in my heart. These new paintings are very nice & easy to enjoy.