Thursday, February 25, 2010

Geese over the Shawangunk, the story behind the painting...

Geese Over The Shawangunk....
Most people equate a Canada Goose painting with an Autumn flavor, however this oil painting announces the arrival of spring here in the Hudson Valley of N.Y. I sense this annual show is not changed much over the past 12 thousand years, although most recently the Indian wigwams have been traded in for empty Mcmansions which now dot the landscape.I am sure the old Shawangunk mtn. has witnessed many changes but the annual migrations of geese are a constant.
I am always tickled by the power of my editing paintbrush. As we endure our most brutal snowstorm of the season today, I am reassured by this piece as I know it reflects the warming days of March which lie ahead.The first returning geese have already arrived in the area and are spending an interesting day snowwalking ,they will gather in great numbers on the Wallkill River and await thier next chance to push forward North. Allysa Kulibaba Collection.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

GreenwingTeal at Tivoli Bay, The story behind the picture...

Greenwings at Tivoli Bay
For those whom have never paddled or trudged thru the huge tidal marsh near Kingston NY ; You are really missing something! For those whom have never dragged a jon boat across the mudflats in the dark to a wooden framed platform dressed with cattails, You are missing Heaven.Waterfowlers Heaven that is... A special place known only to special few. The years have passed now since I first viewed the Greenwings at Tivoli, but I will always remember the moment. About 15 or so from right to left, complete with the whistling of wings,That music that only the Waterfowlers know. It is that memory and that instant that I recall when I reach for paints and brushes to speak of these wonderful birds.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Downpour at Bashakill oil on masonite

Last summer 2009 has to be one of the rainiest coolest that I can remember. During my travels thru Orange and Sullivan Counties of New York State.I frequently worked from the roadsides in attempts to catch landscapes and the quickly changing moods and effects. One day driving from Port Jervis I stopped at the Basha Kill preserve and began a landscape. The sky suddenly darkened, flushing a Kayaker from the marsh, as he paddled for dear life, Lightning bolts struck the ground. Having established the scene, I placed the turbulent cloudburst over the marsh and noted the neon green of the arrowhead alum. My outdoor studio was swiftly shut down for the day.