Thursday, February 18, 2010

GreenwingTeal at Tivoli Bay, The story behind the picture...

Greenwings at Tivoli Bay
For those whom have never paddled or trudged thru the huge tidal marsh near Kingston NY ; You are really missing something! For those whom have never dragged a jon boat across the mudflats in the dark to a wooden framed platform dressed with cattails, You are missing Heaven.Waterfowlers Heaven that is... A special place known only to special few. The years have passed now since I first viewed the Greenwings at Tivoli, but I will always remember the moment. About 15 or so from right to left, complete with the whistling of wings,That music that only the Waterfowlers know. It is that memory and that instant that I recall when I reach for paints and brushes to speak of these wonderful birds.