Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Round Among The Leaves... MINISINK July 22nd 1779.

A Round Among The Leaves - watercolor
         It was futile to attempt an advance upon the great rock which was occupied by the militiaman.To step upon his level brought an immediate report from his rifle. Several had tried and had felt the sting of his fire. From his rear a fellow soldier would arrive and promptly reload his guns. After their many discharges the burnt powder had accumulated and formed a film upon the actions and, the flints began to dull and shift. It had been some time since they had been tended to. Col. Brant ordered that they try again and two warriors dashed over the ledge, they bore down upon the great rock as the rifleman reached desperately for the round  that slipped from his hand and bounced among the leaves.There would be no time to draw another cartridge. His attackers were upon him.Their hatchets raised up, the sentinel had fallen....

Friday, July 18, 2014

Storm Clouds of War ... watercolor

        Columns of black smoke reach into the summer sky of late July the 20th 1779, as a weary rider reaches Goshen N.Y. bearing the news that the settlements of Peenpack and Mahackamack had been attacked.
British Army Col.Joseph Brant and his force of Mohawk and Loyalist raiders, are the party responsible for the raid and are withdrawing northwest. They are unaware that they will be pursued and calmly camp for the night. Storm clouds of war have gathered along the Deleware River.