Thursday, March 4, 2010

Irish Blood American Dreams, a painting to think about...

Irish Blood American Dreams:

Denny's restaurant's latest advertizing celebrating the Irish Famine has struck a truly deserved negative chord in the Irish Community and sparked an outrage. Perhaps some have forgotten in this country that this famine is still recent history and that much of what we do today as Americans is because of the sacrifice of the victims of this tragedy. The young men fortunate enough to have survived this starvation travelled to America by the thousands in the 1860's and filled the ranks of both Federal and Confederate Armies and shed thier blood so that this Country could survive.

I offer this portrait of this North Carolina Soldier to represent the memory of these men and hope that it will remind our corporate giants that a famine is not something to take lightly.

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  1. Very nice. The bravery of the Irish Brigade is often forgotten.