Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Frozen Charlotte
       A recent visit to a very nice mixed media art show and talk by artist Seth Apter was the inspiration for this latest work ; FROZEN CHARLOTTE. I noticed several of Seth's Pieces contained some hands from some Charlotte's and found out that she is a staple ingredient in many mixed media artworks. I come to know of Charlotte thru my Historic Archaeology efforts.The little porcelain doll was a very common toy in The US from 1860 - 1920. It is a haunting little doll usually found in pieces as she was very brittle. Equally  haunting is the source of her namesake. Named for the tale of the vain young lady who froze to death one cold night refusing to wear a coat over her dress as she did not want to spoil her appearence.I was recently asked to provide cover art for the NYS Archaeology Association's spring Meeting booklet so I thought of her. So here she is, in charcoal as she would appear in an excavation.

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  1. Congratulations on being asked to create the cover art. It is a fantastic drawing and I am glad that my work inspired you so.