Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome Joshua Chamberlain

Welcome to my blog. I have decided that as a artist it would be fun and good for me to discuss my works and to let people know what I am up to. This 10x12 painting was completed late last December and is a likeness of well known Col. Joshua Chamberlain of 20th Maine fame. Working quickly this study is an interpretation of several photographs. After studying a number of these I have become very aware of the condition of these soldiers after they had spent a period of time in the field and tried to look their best for the camera. It is very interesting to see the less famous views of the other side of their faces as this really makes you consider what these fellows looked like.
The new year is shaping up well with a good quantity of work in progress, also several invitations for shows for 2009. The Christmas Season was good for me as it seems people were looking for meaningful gifts to give in a trying economic time. For information on the availability of this work,please contact me at

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